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Authoritative Quotes

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Writers don't always know what they mean - that's why they write. Their work stands in for them. On the page, the reader meets the authoritative, perfected self; in life, the writer is lumbered with the uncertain, imperfect one.

Tags: Life, Self, Work  ✍ Author: John Lahr

It's very nice to be able to write something you don't have to get four other people to agree with before it can become authoritative.

Tags: Able, Become, Nice  ✍ Author: Brian Lamb

As of today, we do not need expert reports by the authoritative analytical institutions to realise that the reasons for such a situation in our community lie in global inequality, poverty and illiteracy.

Tags: Lie, Poverty, Today  ✍ Author: Kunal Nayyar

If it's a woman, it's caustic; if it's a man, it's authoritative.

Tags: Caustic, Woman  ✍ Author: Barbara Walters

Possibly the fact that I was physically quite feeble, a relatively short little fellow, attracted me to that idea of a very authoritative and aggressive version of Conservative politics.

Tags: Fact, Politics, Short  ✍ Author: John Bercow