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Barry White Quotes

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I think I sound like Barry White.

Tags: Barry, Sound, White  ✍ Author: Gloria Gaynor

Barry White seemed so filled with self-parody at first that it was easy to dismiss him. But it is becoming increasingly obvious with every additional release that he is a very talented man.

Tags: Easy, Him, White  ✍ Author: Jon Landau

I do dumb stuff, like playing my favorite dumb Barry White song and lip-synching into the mirror so it looks like his voice is coming out of my mouth.

Tags: Mirror, Playing, Song  ✍ Author: Lynda Barry

I can't record in the morning because I sound like Barry White.

Tags: Morning, Sound, White  ✍ Author: Toni Braxton

There was no match for Barry White. His music is just going to live forever. It's not limited to disco or soul or hip-hop or anything.

Tags: Forever, Music, Soul  ✍ Author: Don Cornelius

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Barry White quote #2
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