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The beats are like scripts, and the raps are my monologue.

Tags: Monologue, Scripts  ✍ Author: Azealia Banks

Being right half the time beats being half-right all the time.

Tags: Half, Time  ✍ Author: Malcolm Forbes

Nothing beats a great smile.

Tags: Great, Smile  ✍ Author: Karl Urban

Nothing beats the original Krispy Kreme.

Tags: Original  ✍ Author: Jason Behr

Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second.

Tags: Second, Winning  ✍ Author: Paul Bryant

Nothing beats a live performance. Nothing.

 ✍ Author: Jonathan Demme

I don't like rock opera with back beats.

Tags: Opera, Rock  ✍ Author: Robin Gibb

Schizophrenia beats dining alone.

Tags: Alone, Dining  ✍ Author: Oscar Levant

Anything beats an expensive stack of paper.

Tags: Expensive, Paper  ✍ Author: Larry Niven

Biology always beats will power.

Tags: Biology, Power  ✍ Author: Mehmet Oz

As long as your heart beats, one is never too old.

Tags: Heart, Old  ✍ Author: Compay Segundo

We're living in a world where Google beats Gallup.

Tags: Google, Living  ✍ Author: Nate Silver

I like the way my heart beats, I like the way I think; I don't need or want anything to change that.

Tags: Change, Heart  ✍ Author: Jordin Sparks

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