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Alberta Hunter's Profile

Brief about Alberta Hunter: By info that we know Alberta Hunter was born at 1970-01-01. And also Alberta Hunter is American Musician.

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Blues means what milk does to a baby. Blues is what the spirit is to the minister. We sing the blues because our hearts have been hurt, our souls have been disturbed.

Tags: Hurt, Means, Spirit

Maybe if I knew music I couldn't do what I am doing.

Tags: Knew, Maybe, Music

Put your faith in God and confidence in yourself.

Tags: Faith, God, Yourself

The musicians that didn't know music could play the best blues. I know that I don't want no musicians who know all about music playin' for me.

Tags: Best, Music, Musicians

None of them going to treat me bad, honey, I'm too strict for that.

Tags: Bad, Strict, Treat

Until they put that sand and dirt in my face I will not sit in church all day.

Tags: Face, Put, Until
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