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Brief about Alex Chiu: By info that we know Alex Chiu was born at 1971-02-08. And also Alex Chiu is American Businessman.

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But now all of a sudden some idiots in Taiwan start to say that they are not Chinese. Their grand parents were Chinese. But for some reason, they feel they are not Chinese.

Tags: Parents, Reason, Start

I think even if I did the research mentioned above, it would be a total waste of money because if those people don't believe in the testimonials, they won't believe in the research at all. They would say that I made it all up. So why waste money?

Tags: Money, Research, Why

Immortality Device has been tested and researched by medical researchers all over the world from time to time. They email me and told me what they found. I post their results sometimes on my site.

Tags: Medical, Sometimes, Time

None of my neighbors believe in what I say. They refuse to wear the rings. They will never accept my invention until the day they die. That's what I call the real antichrists.

Tags: Accept, Die, Real

Well, if you don't want your relatives and friends to die, help me spread the news. Let people know about immortality device. That way, your loved ones won't die.

Tags: Die, Friends, Help

I am proud to be Chinese, and I do not tolerate any traitor.

Tags: Proud, Tolerate, Traitor

If you are an antichrist, you won't believe in the bible prophecy from the beginning. Which means, you won't believe that physical immortality will become possible.

Tags: Become, Beginning, Means

As the inventor of the Immortality Device, I basically just tell people what I honestly think.

Tags: Device, Honestly, Tell

But if USA has 1.3 billion people, USA would have the same human rights problem just like China.

Tags: Human, Problem, Rights

Honestly, being a doctor could make you more close minded than regular people.

Tags: Close, Doctor, Medical

I didn't say my invention is better, nor did I say other stuff does not work.

Tags: Nor, Stuff, Work

I don't care what political party is controlling China right now. All I know is we are all Chinese.

Tags: Care, Party, Political

I just think that most of the people are very close minded.

Tags: Close, Minded

I know my theories and findings are hard for you to accept because they are so original and extraordinary.

Tags: Accept, Hard, Original

I show people how to build their own immortality device.

Tags: Build, Device, Show

I support population control. I think USA should do the same.

Tags: Control, Population, Support

I think the Chinese government is doing a great job right now.

Tags: Government, Great, Job

If the communist party is controlling China, they represent China.

Tags: China, Communist, Party

In fact, Tibet is one of the most popular European tourist attraction of asia.

Tags: Attraction, Fact, Popular

It might feel good to be out of your body for awhile. But you can't stay like that forever.

Tags: Body, Good, Might
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