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Asafa Powell's Profile

Brief about Asafa Powell: By info that we know Asafa Powell was born at 1982-11-23. And also Asafa Powell is Jamaican Athlete.

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From Day 1 I wasn't planning to run until I am very old.

Tags: Old, Run, Until

I am trying to attend every training session and do all of my workouts.

Tags: Attend, Training, Trying

I just want to give my best in London, I want to cross that line and see a personal best on the clock then I will see what position I am in.

Tags: Best, Give, Personal

I know, I'm like a kid. Maybe I was a bit too spoilt growing up. Everything just came like I wanted it to.

Tags: Growing, Maybe, Wanted

I should just stay composed and run to the finish line.

Tags: Line, Run, Stay

I think about cars to try and distract myself. It's a good way to relax, take your mind off everything.

Tags: Good, Mind, Try

I want to be the king of sprints because I think I am.

Tags: King

I'm ready to win.

Tags: Ready, Win

Many track and field people know that if I stay relaxed and run my race like I'm supposed to, I will be the winner at the Olympic Games.

Tags: Games, Run, Winner

Over the years I have been kind of lazy, thinking my talent alone can do it.

Tags: Alone, Lazy, Thinking

Sometimes I'm at home and I remember I'm supposed to do 100 push-ups and I don't.

Tags: Home, Remember, Sometimes

I am a bit different from the other sprinters because, I would say, I can run many different ways while the other guys they just came on and they can only run one way.

Tags: Guys, Run, While

I am almost 30 so I am approaching this one as if it will be my last Olympic Games. I want to put out 110 percent to make sure that I am up at the top.

Tags: Last, Put, Sure
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