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Austin Peck's Profile

Brief about Austin Peck: By info that we know Austin Peck was born at 1971-04-19. And also Austin Peck is American Actor.

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Especially when you deal with comedy, you have got to be really honest because it's the honesty and the spontaneity that causes people to chuckle, that catches people.

Tags: Comedy, Honest, Honesty

The number one thing I've been doing is being daddy.

Tags: Daddy, Number

As an actor, that's the best thing you can do, really take people along on a story and tell them something.

Tags: Best, Story, Tell

Ever since I got on Days I've been doing theater.

Tags: Days, Since, Theater

I started reading the Bible. All of a sudden the words jumped off the page and became real.

Tags: Off, Real, Words

I think any actor would agree that you can't replace theater. It's immediate. You have the energy of the crowd and every single night it's different.

Tags: Energy, Night, Single

I think comedy is more my instinct and more what I'm geared towards.

Tags: Comedy, Geared, Instinct

I'm just a geeky, goofy person.

Tags: Geeky, Goofy

Just put one foot in front of the other.

Tags: Foot, Front, Put

My sons have such a deep access to my heart.

Tags: Deep, Heart, Sons

Shows have asked a lot of actors to take cuts. Shows are going off the air. So okay, life goes on.

Tags: Goes, Life, Off

Soap Actors are fun and interesting. They all have something special that you want to be around.

Tags: Fun, Soap, Special

Doing that, then doing a lot of theater, which I love. Doing guest stars, did two independent films that are going around to all these festivals. Both of them are going to be at the Lake Tahoe Film Festival.

Tags: Film, Love, Stars

I did a play I think my first six months on the show, called Bullpen. Then I got involved with Theater Forty and did this play called Plastic which is about two male models coming to a casting call.

Tags: Call, Coming, Show

I think it makes a lot of sense and of course I love Christie Clark. I think she's awesome; she's beautiful and fun to work with. I think she has some really unique qualities to her that would bring a lot to the show.

Tags: Beautiful, Love, Work

I would like to have opportunities in my career to do parts that people would remember - either the whole character or certain moments that they personally could really connect to or were really affected by it deeply.

Tags: Career, Character, Remember

Then I contacted Ken, then he called me back, then we had a great meeting. Then he called and asked if I would come back to the show. Which was awesome.

Tags: Awesome, Great, Show