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Benedict Cumberbatch's Profile

Brief about Benedict Cumberbatch: By info that we know Benedict Cumberbatch was born at 1976-07-19. And also Benedict Cumberbatch is English Actor.

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I was happy as an only child, but I've always wanted to be part of a bigger family.

Tags: Family, Happy, Wanted

I wasn't born into land or titles, or new money, or an oil rig.

Tags: Born, Land, Money

I wish my 15-year-old self had known about my allure to the opposite sex!

Tags: Self, Sex, Wish

I'll always do 'Sherlock' - it's something I'm not going to give up on.

Tags: Give, Sherlock

I'm a Prince of Wales Trust ambassador, so I'm all about giving youth an education, a voice and a chance to not take the wrong road.

Tags: Education, Giving, Trust

I'm interested in art for all. I don't want it to be only the sons and daughters of Tory MPs who get to see my plays.

Tags: Art, Daughters, Interested

I'm not loyal to one genre. I want to mix it up.

Tags: Genre, Loyal, Mix

I'm quite sensitive to people noticing me. There are times when I'm relaxed, then others when it does make me self-conscious.

Tags: Others, Quite, Times

I've always wanted to play a spy, because it is the ultimate acting exercise. You are never what you seem.

Tags: Acting, Exercise, Wanted

I've been broody since I was 12, but I can't just get anyone pregnant. It has got to be the right person.

Tags: Anyone, Pregnant, Since

I've been quite a late developer on the clothes front, but I've suddenly realised it is one of life's joys.

Tags: Late, Life, Quite

I've realised now that the reality of children is you have to be in the right place with the right person.

Tags: Children, Place, Reality

If I'd had fame early on, I'd have been able to abuse it in the way that a young man should.

Tags: Able, Fame, Young

If you have an over-preoccupation with perception and trying to please people's expectations, then you can go mad.

Tags: Mad, Perception, Trying

It does get strange when you realize people will hang around for hours to get a glimpse of you doing scenes outside.

Tags: Hours, Realize, Strange

It is a wonderful thing to get married young and become a father.

Tags: Become, Father, Young

It'd be really nice to wake up looking like, I don't know, Jake Gyllenhaal and think, 'Let's try this on for a day and see how it feels.'

Tags: Looking, Nice, Try

Landing the role of Stephen Hawking was the most positively surprising thing that has happened to me.

Tags: Happened, Role, Surprising

Lines are very difficult to learn.

Tags: Difficult, Learn, Lines

Live a life less ordinary.

Tags: Less, Life, Ordinary
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