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Brittany Daniel's Profile

Brief about Brittany Daniel: By info that we know Brittany Daniel was born at 1976-03-17. And also Brittany Daniel is American Actress.

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If you've been told all your life that you're good-looking, people just flock around you and you never really have to try or have to learn an interesting craft, skill or hobby - or even have depth.

Tags: Learn, Life, Try

I've been a vegetarian for so long, I forgot how much I missed meat. You know you don't realize how important meat is to you until you don't have it for long time.

Tags: Realize, Time, Until

Comedy is so hard to do, so it was very cool to do dead pan humor.

Tags: Cool, Hard, Humor

It's kind of like Silence of the lambs meets Boogey Nights.

Tags: Lambs, Nights, Silence

More flirtatious than me. I couldn't work it like she did.

Tags: She, Work

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