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Carl Albert's Profile

Brief about Carl Albert: By info that we know Carl Albert was born at 1908-05-10. And also Carl Albert is American Lawyer.

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From early on, everything I did was calculated to being elected to Congress.

Tags: Congress, Early, Elected

I don't really care how I am remembered as long as I bring happiness and joy to people.

Tags: Care, Happiness, Joy

What's the most important thing in the world? It's love, and I look at that as an energy, not a sentiment.

Tags: Energy, Love, Sentiment

And so I missed those best years and I find it difficult for me, in groups, to be comfortable.

Tags: Best, Difficult, Missed

I always thought I was a singer, but I really am not.

Tags: Singer, Thought

I don't think I'm proud of anything in acting.

Tags: Acting, Proud

I was not really as good as I should have been.

Tags: Good

You can forgive yourself a great deal.

Tags: Forgive, Great, Yourself
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