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Chaka Khan's Profile

Brief about Chaka Khan: By info that we know Chaka Khan was born at 1953-03-23. And also Chaka Khan is American Musician.

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Well. I'm probably not loving myself like I should, but I'm really trying.

Tags: Loving, Trying

Being a singer is a way for me to get to a platform to do more.

Tags: Platform, Singer

But really, we also need to learn how to love one another as women. How to appreciate and respect each other.

Tags: Love, Respect, Women

Everyone in my family sang, and we would always sing these songs.

Tags: Everyone, Family, Songs

Getting a degree, being on Sesame Street... those were like real accomplishments to me.

Tags: Getting, Real, Street

I like to work spontaneously.

Tags: Work

I love to sing. It's the easiest thing for me to do.

Tags: Easiest, Love, Sing

I mean, I'm not unhappy, but there's still so much I want to do.

Tags: Mean, Unhappy

I remember seeing the movie 'To Sir With Love' when I was a little girl.

Tags: Girl, Love, Remember

I think the whole reason for my life is in there somewhere.

Tags: Life, Reason, Whole

I'd like to work on putting art programs back in schools.

Tags: Art, Schools, Work

I've always struggled so much just to appreciate myself.

Tags: Appreciate, Struggled

If I love a song, I make it mine.

Tags: Love, Mine, Song

In my thirties, I felt I had hold of one of the reins some of the time.

Tags: Felt, Hold, Time

My philosophy is familiarity breeds contempt.

Tags: Breeds, Contempt, Philosophy

There are a lot of people I would have liked to have collaborated with, and would still like to.

Tags: Liked

To me, this degree was an acknowledgment of my work in music.

Tags: Degree, Music, Work

Walking through this life really is walking through fire.

Tags: Fire, Life, Walking

When I was in my twenties, it felt like I was riding wild horses, and I was hoping I didn't go over a cliff.

Tags: Felt, Hoping, Wild

You know, it's just tough to get together and do work with somebody.

Tags: Together, Tough, Work
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