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Eddie Floyd's Profile

Brief about Eddie Floyd: By info that we know Eddie Floyd was born at 1935-06-25. And also Eddie Floyd is American Musician.

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Everybody had their fans and they were fans of all of them.

Tags: Everybody, Fans

I go out with my band six months of the year and the rest of them with the Blues Brothers.

Tags: Band, Rest, Year

I never thought I'd get a chance to sing with Wilson Pickett but we did.

Tags: Chance, Sing, Thought

I was just about 6 weeks old when we moved to Detroit.

Tags: Detroit, Moved, Old

Oh yeah, I know Johnnie Bassett. We were part of that whole thing.

Tags: Oh, Whole, Yeah

People know me for up-tempo songs because of my hits.

Tags: Hits, Songs

The groups, though, were my inspiration way back then. I liked Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers.

Tags: Liked, Teenagers, Though
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