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Elsa Maxwell's Profile

Brief about Elsa Maxwell: By info that we know Elsa Maxwell was born at 1970-01-01. And also Elsa Maxwell is American Writer.

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Serve the dinner backward, do anything - but for goodness sake, do something weird.

Tags: Goodness, Serve, Weird

Seeing unhappiness in the marriage of friends, I was content to have chosen music and laughter as a substitute for a husband.

Tags: Husband, Marriage, Music

A bore is a vacuum cleaner of society, sucking up everything and giving nothing. Bores are always eager to be seen talking to you.

Tags: Giving, Society, Talking

I make enemies deliberately. They are the sauce piquante to my dish of life.

Tags: Dish, Life, Sauce

Under pressure, people admit to murder, setting fire to the village church or robbing a bank, but never to being bores.

Tags: Church, Fire, Pressure

Bores put you in a mental cemetery while you are still walking.

Tags: Mental, Put, While

Existence is a party. You join after its started and you leave before its finished.

Tags: After, Leave, Started

Giving parties is a trivial avocation, but it pays the dues for my union card in humanity.

Tags: Giving, Humanity, Union

I don't hate anyone. I dislike. But my dislike is the equivalent of anyone else's hate.

Tags: Anyone, Else, Hate

Someone said that life is a party. You join in after it's started and leave before it's finished.

Tags: After, Life, Someone

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