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Erich Leinsdorf's Profile

Brief about Erich Leinsdorf: By info that we know Erich Leinsdorf was born at 1912-02-04. And also Erich Leinsdorf is Austrian Celebrity.

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A President doesn't have a terribly long time to talk to people who are not really on the agenda.

Tags: President, Talk, Time

I was introduced to Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson. The young Congressman was very friendly.

Tags: Friendly, Introduced, Young

I was sent down to Cuba. Everything had been prepared with the help of Congressman Johnson and his staff.

Tags: Cuba, Help, Prepared

The Congressman ascertained that the consulate in Havana had numbers to feed the pigs.

Tags: Feed, Numbers, Pigs

The President would usually talk to me about matters relating to the immigration problem.

Tags: President, Problem, Talk

When I was introduced to Johnson he was a freshman Congressman.

Tags: Freshman, Introduced, Johnson

When I was to come to Washington the first time as Music Director of the Boston Symphony, Mrs. Johnson phoned us to find out if they could give us a party and who we would like to meet.

Tags: Give, Music, Time
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