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Graham Yost's Profile

Brief about Graham Yost: By info that we know Graham Yost was born at 1959-09-05. And also Graham Yost is Canadian Writer.

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I do believe that we're in a true golden era of television, and I think it started with 'Hill Street.'

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I had a great dad and we had a great relationship, but he's still a part of my life.

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If you put people in a corner, you see what their character really is.

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My first real showbiz job was on a Nickelodeon show called 'Hey, Dude.' That was my first real paid scriptwriting job.

Tags: Job, Real, Show

Over the course of television's history, I think fans have done more to save shows and support them than ruin them.

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I still run into people in the business who skip over any other credits I have and say, 'I loved 'Hey, Dude!'' This was back in '88, '89, '90. It was a goofy show about kids working at a dude ranch in Arizona. We did 65 episodes; I wrote 13 of them. We didn't know what we were doing, but it was writers' boot camp. It was great.

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