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Grant Tinker's Profile

Brief about Grant Tinker: By info that we know Grant Tinker was born at 1925-01-11. And also Grant Tinker is American Musician.

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First be best, then be first.

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I assume you know what to do with this. That's why you were hired.

Tags: Assume, Hired, Why

A scientist... must accept the results of experiment, and nothing but the results of experiment.

Tags: Accept, Results, Scientist

Either theology is pure nonsense, a subject with no content, or else theology must ultimately become a branch of physics.

Tags: Become, Else, Physics

If any reader has lost a loved one or is afraid of death, modern physics says: 'Be comforted, you and they shall live again.'

Tags: Afraid, Death, Lost

The core of all religions is a belief in a supreme personal god.

Tags: Belief, God, Personal

The Omega Point Theory can be a solid foundation of support for all of the great human religions.

Tags: Great, Human, Support

A person whose skin is metallic can no more have its reproduction restricted than a black-skinned person. Regarding life as a form of machinery and intelligent machines as people without our environmental limitations is essential in understanding FAP, the Final Anthropic Principle, which deals with evolution in the far future.

Tags: Far, Future, Life

By the last decades of the 21st century, church worship will still take the form of reading passages of traditional texts - the Bible, the Koran, the Rig Veda - but physicist-priests will preside over the ceremonies.

Tags: Church, Last, Reading

Future generations will know there's nothing mystical about wetware because by 2100, Moore's law will have given us tiny quantum computers powerful enough to upload a human soul.

Tags: Computers, Future, Powerful

Human uploads have such a natural advantage over present-day people in the environment of space, it's exceedingly unlikely flesh-and-blood beings will ever engage in interstellar travel.

Tags: Human, Space, Travel

The first human-to-computer uploads of 2100 will prove that a perfect simulation is the thing being simulated - that a silicon soul doesn't need a physical body to inhabit. So eventually everybody who ever lived will be resurrected inside a living machine indistinguishable from God. Isn't it amazing what you can do with unlimited hard-disk space?

Tags: Amazing, God, Perfect

We physicists know that a beautiful postulate is more likely to be correct than an ugly one. Why not adopt this Postulate of Eternal Life, at least as a working hypothesis?

Tags: Beautiful, Life, Why

What you can show using physics, forces this universe to continue to exist. As long as you're using general relativity and quantum mechanics you are forced to conclude that God exists.

Tags: God, Show, Universe

Whether the ice caps melt, or expand - whatever happens - the anthropogenic global warming theorists claim it confirms their theory. A perfect example of a pseudo-science like astrology.

Tags: Perfect, Whatever, Whether