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Hjalmar Schacht's Profile

Brief about Hjalmar Schacht: By info that we know Hjalmar Schacht was born at 1970-01-01. And also Hjalmar Schacht is German Economist.

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And this thesis is somewhat connected with general social and political observations, because it establishes the fact that the number of consumers is considerably larger than the number of producers, a fact which exercises a not inconsiderable social and political pressure.

Tags: Fact, Political, Social

Instead of a weak and vacillating Government, a single, purposeful, energetic personality is ruling today.

Tags: Government, Single, Today

Only the closest collaborators of the Fuehrer know how difficult is the burden of this responsibility; how sorrowful are the hours during which decisions must be made which bear upon the well being and the fate of all of Germany.

Tags: Decisions, Difficult, Fate

Germany stays and falls with the success of the policy of Hitler.

Tags: Germany, Policy, Success

The aim and the idea of the Four Year Plan were and remain entirely correct and necessary!

Tags: Idea, Plan, Year

The economy is a very sensitive organism.

Tags: Economy, Finance, Sensitive

The German future lies in the hands of our Fuehrer.

Tags: Future, Hands, Lies

The Jews must realize that their influence in Germany has disappeared for all time.

Tags: Influence, Realize, Time

The presentation of the Golden Badge of the Movement is the highest honor the Third Reich has to offer.

Tags: Highest, Honor, Movement

The repeated announcements that the Russian resistance was definitely broken have been proved to be untrue.

Tags: Broken, Definitely, Resistance

After the many rumours that we had heard about Hitler and the published criticisms we had read about him, we were pleasantly impressed. His appearance was neither pretentious nor affected.

Tags: After, Him, Read

Allied supplies of arms to Russia, and the manpower reserves of Russia have been sufficient to bring continuous counter-attacks against our Eastern Front.

Tags: Against, Bring, Front

But the memory of war weighs undiminished upon the people's minds. That is because deeper than material wounds, moral wounds are smarting, inflicted by the so- called peace treaties.

Tags: Moral, Peace, War

But what you could perhaps do with in these days is a word of most sincere sympathy. Your movement is carried internally by so strong a truth and necessity that victory in one form or another cannot elude you for long.

Tags: Strong, Sympathy, Truth

Germany can generally only pay if the Corridor and Upper Silesia will be handed back to Germany from Polish possession, and if besides somewhere on the earth colonial territory will be made available to Germany.

Tags: Earth, Pay, Somewhere

I can assure you that everything I say and do has the complete approval of the Fuehrer and that I would not say or do anything that does not have his approval.

Tags: Approval, Assure, Complete

It has been shown that, in contrast to everything which classical national economy has hitherto taught, not the producer but the consumer is the ruling factor in economic life.

Tags: Economic, Economy, Life

It stands, essentially, for the application of increased energy to the efforts already undertaken by my ministry since 1934 with the results shown in the above statistics.

Tags: Energy, Results, Since

Material loss can be made up through renewed labor, but the moral wrong which has been inflicted upon the conquered peoples, in the peace dictates, leaves a burning scar on the people's conscience.

Tags: Moral, Peace, Wrong

Rules are to be initiated for the allotment of scarce raw materials etc; and their use and processing for other than war, or otherwise absolutely vital, goods is prohibited.

Tags: Goods, Rules, War
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