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Janet McTeer's Profile

Brief about Janet McTeer: By info that we know Janet McTeer was born at 1961-08-05. And also Janet McTeer is English Actress.

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I did 'Tumbleweeds' for fun. I did it because I loved it and I hardly even got paid.

Tags: Fun, Loved, Paid

I do mostly British projects, and for family reasons and life reasons Britain's my home, where I have a lovely garden.

Tags: Family, Home, Life

I have become a marketing tool and I feel very uncomfortable with that. There's no space for me to express myself.

Tags: Become, Marketing, Space

I have very girly hands and I use them a lot when I talk in a way that I think is very feminine.

Tags: Feminine, Hands, Talk

I just want people to focus on the performance.

Tags: Focus

I was very nervous about the accent. I was very nervous about being an American.

Tags: Accent, American, Nervous

I've always thought if you watch the performance and you don't know about the person, then you only see the performance.

Tags: Thought, Watch

New Yorkers are either the nicest or the rudest.

Tags: Either, Nicest

People will still love and hurt and yearn.

Tags: Hurt, Love, Yearn

Put a Post-It note on your mirror that says: 'Someone has to succeed. There's no reason why it shouldn't be me.' Repeat before every audition.

Tags: Put, Someone, Why

When you're a young English person who wants to be an actress and you have dreams, you dream of being Vanessa Redgrave or Judi Dench.

Tags: Dream, Dreams, Young

But then I got a job selling coffee at the York Theatre, and when I met theatre people, something clicked. I felt comfortable with them; I felt like myself. I decided to go to drama school based just on that feeling. I had never done any acting.

Tags: Feeling, Job, School

It's naive to think there is a woman in the world who isn't brought up to believe that they are waiting for their soul mate. You even see it in Disney.

Tags: Soul, Waiting, Woman

My mother and father are still together after forty something years. I lived in one place till I was 6. I lived in another place from when I was 6 till I was 17.

Tags: Father, Mother, Together

People are calling a lot, sending scripts my way. Yes, it's wonderful because, let's face it, there aren't many wonderful scripts for women over the age of 10.

Tags: Age, Women, Wonderful

The older you get, the better you get, because you've seen more. You don't necessarily have to go through a lot, but you have to witness it in order to recreate it.

Tags: Older, Order, Seen

We are a very close family, and I love them very much, but I'm definitely the odd one out. I live a completely different kind of life style. I always was different. I felt like a fish out of water; I really never knew who I was.

Tags: Family, Life, Love

When children arrive, or when some crisis occurs, couples don't have the resources to deal with it because they've been so busy getting on with their lives. They haven't learned how to sit down and discuss things.

Tags: Busy, Children, Crisis

Yes, I was slightly outside everything when I was growing up. My mother jokes that I was exchanged at birth. She brought us up to have traditional values. She was absolutely not part of the '60s generation.

Tags: Growing, Mother, She