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Jennifer Esposito's Profile

Brief about Jennifer Esposito: By info that we know Jennifer Esposito was born at 1973-04-11. And also Jennifer Esposito is American Actress.

Some Jennifer Esposito's quotes. Goto "Jennifer Esposito's quotation" section for more.

Give me civilization. I don't want to be pampered.

Tags: Give, Pampered

I was screaming constantly, on the set, in my room... everywhere.

Tags: Everywhere, Room, Screaming

If I moved, he moved. If I stopped, he stopped. It was a duel.

Tags: Duel, Moved, Stopped

Waitressing - by far the worst job ever created.

Tags: Far, Job, Worst

Well, I'm Italian, but my family isn't stereotypical. I mean, I only have one sister and we don't yell or throw pasta at each other. My mother doesn't even have a secret spaghetti sauce recipe.

Tags: Family, Mean, Mother

You want a lesson? I'll give you a lesson. How about a geography lesson? My father's from Puerto Rico. My mother's from El Salvador. And neither one of those is Mexico.

Tags: Father, Give, Mother

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