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Jeremy Spencer's Profile

Brief about Jeremy Spencer: By info that we know Jeremy Spencer was born at 1948-07-04. And also Jeremy Spencer is British Musician.

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Give me anything that moves my heart, that gives me goosebumps.

Tags: Give, Heart, Moves

I just like simplicity. I like simple songs, I like simple chords, simple vocals, simple lead guitar. I just like simplicity. That's just the way I like it.

Tags: Guitar, Simple, Songs

Playing live for a good cause is something I like to do. I like the response of the Indian people, I like their depth and the way they look beyond the surface of things.

Tags: Cause, Good, Playing

When I have sat at home with this God-given talent for music for a long time, somebody approaches me out of the blue and asks me to play for them. It's almost as though there's a force somewhere which is saying 'no sittin' around, out you go!

Tags: Home, Music, Time

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