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Julie Walters's Profile

Brief about Julie Walters: By info that we know Julie Walters was born at 1950-02-22. And also Julie Walters is British Actress.

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I was the little, funny one. I felt I was the child among grown women.

Tags: Child, Funny, Women

I went through bits of the 60s and thought myself a bit of a hippy.

Tags: Bit, Hippy, Thought

I'd like to think there'll be too much of real life going on for me to want to do much acting.

Tags: Acting, Life, Real

I'm massively talented, and very, very beautiful in person; the public don't really realise that.

Tags: Beautiful, Public, Talented

I'm too young at 50. I'm not grown up yet. There's part of everybody like that.

Tags: Everybody, Grown, Young

In order to be creative you have to be allowed to fail.

Tags: Creative, Fail, Order

It's getting better but men still earn more and there are more jobs for them. Ageism is a big thing. Parts for women disappear as you get older.

Tags: Big, Men, Women

It's very strong after the birth. It's extraordinary. You can't watch anything to do with kids being harmed.

Tags: After, Kids, Strong

My grandmother lived with us for a short time while I was a child. Old people tend to be slightly more eccentric - they can behave the way they want.

Tags: Old, Short, Time

Some people have a terrible stretch between family and work. It is a difficult thing to achieve.

Tags: Between, Family, Work

Stage is the most exciting. Film is lovely, because it's like a family.

Tags: Family, Film, Lovely

Suddenly, you are very much in the present, and you learn it's really the place where you should always live.

Tags: Learn, Place, Present

The money isn't a lure. I've done very well out of this business.

Tags: Business, Done, Money

The way I relax is I think, 'I haven't got anything coming up.' I like to know there are months ahead when I've got nothing.

Tags: Coming, Relax

We have to take risks with art. If we don't, it all becomes a bit boring.

Tags: Art, Bit, Boring

You can't help but feel a little bit like a mother to the younger cast members.

Tags: Bit, Help, Mother

Along the way I have been able to choose some themes which ask questions - not necessarily force a message on anyone, but at least invite the audience to question things: jury service, dignity in dying, Ireland - and not least because they force me to ask myself questions. Where do I stand?

Tags: Able, Question, Service

Everyone comes up to me saying, 'Cooee, Julie! Hello!' as if I know them. Of course I don't bloody know them. Am I flummoxed by it? Sometimes. I think, 'Ooh, love, go easy.' For a time, I did feel this pressure that I had to be funny, but it passes.

Tags: Funny, Love, Time

I remember Michael saying, 'Rich and famous? It's much better to be just rich'. I didn't quite get it to begin with. But he's right. You lose anonymity. I say to my family that you've no idea until you lose it how precious anonymity is.

Tags: Family, Famous, Saying

I'll tell you how it happened. The phone rang. Paul, my agent, goes, 'Would you like to play Meryl Streep's?' I said, 'Yeeees! I'll do it, whatever it is.' He said, 'It's Mamma Mia!.' I said, 'Oh no, which character? The fat friend?

Tags: Character, Friend, Said