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Laura Esquivel's Profile

Brief about Laura Esquivel: By info that we know Laura Esquivel was born at 1950-09-30. And also Laura Esquivel is Mexican Author.

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As a very young girl, I understood that the interior activities of the home are as significant as the exterior activities of society.

Tags: Girl, Home, Society

For me, love is the most important force. It moves the universe.

Tags: Force, Love, Universe

I watch cooking change the cook, just as it transforms the food.

Tags: Change, Cooking, Food

Technology and industry have distanced people from nature and magic and human values.

Tags: Human, Nature, Technology

As a teacher I realize that what one learns in school doesn't serve for very much at all, that the only thing one can really learn is self-understanding, and this is something that can't be taught.

Tags: Learn, School, Teacher

I can't speak for readers in general, but personally I like to read stories behind which there is some truth, something real and above all, something emotional. I don't like to read essays on literature; I don't like to read critical or rational or impersonal or cold disquisitions on subjects.

Tags: Emotional, Real, Truth

In film you can use images exclusively and narrate a whole story very quickly, but you don't always so easily find the form in cinema to dig deeper into human thoughts and emotions. And in a novel you can much more easily express a character's inner thoughts and feelings.

Tags: Character, Feelings, Human

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