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Manny Pacquiao's Profile

Brief about Manny Pacquiao: By info that we know Manny Pacquiao was born at 1978-12-17. And also Manny Pacquiao is Filipino Athlete.

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I've already established my (political)machinery. It's like a car. It's fixed already. You just have to get in and drive it.

Tags: Car, Drive, Political

I've always fought for my country, in my own way, showing that Filipinos are a strong people and can do anything that they put their minds to.

Tags: Country, Put, Strong

If we don't have God in our life, we're considered dead.

Tags: Dead, God, Life

In boxing you never know who you're going to face in ring.

Tags: Boxing, Face, Ring

Most of leaders in Philippine politics come from rich family.

Tags: Family, Politics, Rich

My #1 driving force is my lord and savior Jesus Christ. Also my family, my wife and children.

Tags: Children, Family, Wife

Well you know it's dangerous in politics, because especially in the Philippines there's a lot of killing in politics.

Tags: Dangerous, Politics

With experience in boxing, you learn how to be a scientific boxer and how to fight easy.

Tags: Experience, Fight, Learn

You know, America is - for me, it's the best country.

Tags: America, Best, Country

Being a Christian means accepting Christ as your savior, your God. That's why you are called a 'Christian.' If you remove Christ, there's only 'ian' and that means 'I am nothing.'

Tags: Christian, God, Why

I have to give people time to take a picture, and sign autographs. I have to be generous to people. It is in my heart. Without that, I would not be Manny Pacquiao.

Tags: Give, Heart, Time

I remember as a little boy I ate one meal a day and sometimes slept in the street. I will never forget that and it inspires me to fight hard, stay strong and remember all the people of my country, trying to achieve better for themselves.

Tags: Fight, Forget, Strong

I've worked in construction, in a factory sewing clothes. I also sold flowers and doughnuts - just odd jobs to try to make 10 pesos, which is equivalent to 20 cents.

Tags: Flowers, Try, Worked

Only in death will I relinquish my belts.

Tags: Belts, Death, Relinquish

All those who are around me are the bridge to my success, so they are all important.

Tags: Bridge, Success

The most important thing as a leader is your relationship with God.

Tags: God, Leader

I was just doing my job in the ring and doing my best to make people happy.

Tags: Best, Happy, Job

No notes. You speak from deep in your heart. It's easy.

Tags: Deep, Heart, Speak

I wanted to be a world champion.

Tags: Champion, Wanted

I have a relative who is also gay. We can't help it if they were born that way.

Tags: Born, Gay, Help
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