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Marley Shelton's Profile

Brief about Marley Shelton: By info that we know Marley Shelton was born at 1974-04-12. And also Marley Shelton is American Actress.

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Courteney Cox is such a great actress.

Tags: Actress, Cox, Great

There's something fabulously decadent about staying in a hotel across the street from where you live.

Tags: Hotel, Staying, Street

To me, 'Scream' is a masterpiece on every level - the performances, the humor, the tone - it's just flawless.

Tags: Humor, Level, Scream

When I read 'Planet Terror,' it was like nothing I had ever read before remotely, and yet it has so many references.

Tags: Planet, Read, Terror

I know that Wes Craven feels watching horror films does have a psychological effect, in a good way. It is very cathartic. He might be right about that.

Tags: Films, Good, Might
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