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Michael Emerson's Profile

Brief about Michael Emerson: By info that we know Michael Emerson was born at 1954-09-07. And also Michael Emerson is American Actor.

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I've been blessed by doing classic plays on Broadway, which was one of my great dreams forever.

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I've played villains on stage - you know, the Iagos and so on - but I think of myself as a funny person. I mostly did comedies before I did TV work.

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I think of myself as a problem-solver. I want to go in and help the director and the writer to get the best they can out of the text they're working with.

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It worries me a little bit the reach and power of TV. More people saw me in 'The Practice' than will ever see me in all the stage plays I ever do. Which is sort of humbling. Or troubling. Or both.

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One of the things I like about performing on the stage is that it is a kind of meditative experience. Time does stand still. You have no concept or feeling of the passing of two or three hours' time. It's all kind of one present moment, which is a kind of a description of meditation.

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There are roles that are terrifying because they're large or you may feel that they're out of your line, but I'm never terrified once the actual work begins. Once you begin rehearsal, then it's small building blocks. It's solving little problems one at a time.

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Yeah, it's funny, working on a show with as large a cast as we have here, your work gets sort of compartmentalized. There's still about half the cast that I've never had a scene with but I have missed working with Terry.

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