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Michelle Shocked's Profile

Brief about Michelle Shocked: By info that we know Michelle Shocked was born at 1962-02-24. And also Michelle Shocked is American Musician.

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I think people have to choose between living with contradictions or painting themselves into a corner. I have a lot of contradictions.

Tags: Between, Living, Themselves

I walked along that slippery slope where if you fail through lack of faith, you sell your soul to the devil.

Tags: Devil, Faith, Soul

As I look back over my life, before I had any real identity, I was a traveler. I grew up an Army brat, a runaway, an activist, and a musician. All my life I've been traveling.

Tags: Army, Life, Real

People might say I'm difficult, but did you ever hear anyone describe a label as 'difficult'? By nature, artists should challenge. When they call you difficult, it is a reflection of the imbalance of power.

Tags: Challenge, Nature, Power

I accepted a change in my life. I didn't choose that change and those are the best changes to make.

Tags: Best, Change, Life

I think the word soul has gotta come into it. Music that's created just for consuming lacks that soul, that swing, that feeling.

Tags: Feeling, Music, Soul

I'm a perfectionist, which I think is a mistake.

Tags: Mistake

I'm one of the few that comes from this vantage point: I never tried to get a record deal.

Tags: Deal, Few, Point

I'm too shy, really to be able to hang out with my heroes for too long.

Tags: Able, Heroes, Shy

I've been through some dark times but I've experienced joy too. Now that joy can't be suppressed.

Tags: Dark, Joy, Times

Make your own music. It can be done.

Tags: Done, Music

Music is not a commodity, it's a resource.

Tags: Commodity, Music, Resource

Music is too important to be left to professionals.

Tags: Left, Music

I try to look at this music career thing as the means to an end. And really, at the end of it, I see myself on a sailboat, sailing off the edge of the world.

Tags: Career, End, Music

Ideals are not something I can control. It's not logic that convinces me of something, it's what my heart says. My heart has a way of involving me in things, which can only be good for the music.

Tags: Good, Heart, Music

My grandmother had a Miss Margaret's School of Dance to teach tap and ballet to kids, but I never studied it. I was raised a Mormon and they're dancing fools. It's the only vice they have - dancing.

Tags: Dance, Kids, School

The thing I fail to do is fully comprehend what's given back to me by the audience. You would think you would be a performer partly so you could feel all the appreciation or adulation, but I haven't quite managed that yet.

Tags: Audience, Fail, Quite

They sign a bunch of women, and they call it a movement. I don't like the way women in music have been identified as women first and musicians second.

Tags: Music, Second, Women

Writing and singing does give me some kind of release from the demons of my past, it is a therapy of sorts, but to be honest, my marriage played a more important role in the acceptance of myself than performance has ever done.

Tags: Marriage, Past, Writing
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