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Peter Steele's Profile

Brief about Peter Steele: By info that we know Peter Steele was born at 1962-01-04. And also Peter Steele is American Musician.

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I don't really like to play live. I don't like to be on stage. I feel very self-conscious.

Tags: Stage

I drink for the effect, because it loosens up the tongue a little bit.

Tags: Bit, Drink, Tongue

I feel that I've grown up a little bit and I'm actually ready to settle down.

Tags: Actually, Bit, Ready

I find that different types of music are good for certain activities.

Tags: Good, Music, Types

I stay way from that area, and there's only so many songs you can write about love, sex and death.

Tags: Death, Love, Sex

I'm the product of 6 million years of evolution? Come on, man. I crawled out of a swamp yesterday.

Tags: Evolution, Million, Yesterday

If they weren't laughing with me, okay; if they want to laugh at me it's better than nothing.

Tags: Laugh, Laughing, Okay

So, I simply switched over to wine because it was not carbonated.

Tags: Simply, Switched, Wine

Sometimes, I write '60s or '80s style pop songs.

Tags: Sometimes, Style, Write

I like to put on hardcore when I have to clean my apartment, which I hate to do, but it's motivational. I like old heavy metal when I'm outside working on my car. Music has definite functions for me.

Tags: Car, Hate, Music

There's a lot of things that go on when you're on tour that cannot be controlled. I'm not even talking about myself, but of course there's sexual activity and drugs, fighting and language; it is certainly not a place to raise a family.

Tags: Cannot, Family, Fighting

I think anyone who has an opinion, and voices it, will offend someone.

Tags: Anyone, Opinion, Someone

It's bad poetry executed by people that can't sing. That's my definition of Rap.

Tags: Bad, Poetry, Sing

I used to try to run five miles every other day, which I worked up to and I was doing it, but I was subjected to my own thoughts for forty minutes without any sensory input, and I couldn't stand what I thought.

Tags: Thought, Thoughts, Try

I hate the human race. Of course, therefore, I hate myself the most, because I am the least of the human race.

Tags: Hate, Human, Race

Instead of slashing my wrists, I just write a bunch of really crummy songs.

Tags: Songs, Wrists, Write

Yes, there are times when I get extremely depressed and how I sublimate those feelings is through music.

Tags: Feelings, Music, Times

I've been told by people that it's okay to cry but, you know what, it's been used against me.

Tags: Against, Cry, Used

I just like being a social experiment sometimes. I really should not be allowed in public. But I just go out into the public just to see people's reaction.

Tags: Public, Social, Sometimes

As far as humor goes, I've always been a very insecure person and I've always wanted to be liked.

Tags: Humor, Insecure, Wanted
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