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Phil Ramone's Profile

Brief about Phil Ramone: By info that we know Phil Ramone was born at 1934-01-05. And also Phil Ramone is South African Musician.

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Rudeness is something I just can't tolerate.

Tags: Rudeness, Tolerate

If you follow anything that I've ever done, I never stick to one thing more than one year. I'm just afraid to get typecast.

Tags: Afraid, Done, Year

The record producer is the music world's equivalent of a film director.

Tags: Director, Film, Music

There's a lot about New York that is unique, and there's always a culture and a subculture going on everywhere.

Tags: Culture, Unique, York

You can only mentor somebody if they want to be.

Tags: Mentor, Somebody

I started playing the violin at age 3, and I was very fortunate because there were people who heard me who were influential in getting me auditions. By the time I was 7, I was playing concerts - it was just ridiculous.

Tags: Age, Getting, Time

If an artist wants to work with me because they feel I've made some credible albums and there've been things that are long-lasting, it's because those artists took the time and we built an idea.

Tags: Idea, Time, Work

When you get to know an artist, you find out the things that have peeved them over the years, and it's generally the stuff that has to do with somebody not wanting to do things their way in the studio.

Tags: Artist, Somebody, Stuff
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