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Richard Jewell's Profile

Brief about Richard Jewell: By info that we know Richard Jewell was born at 1962-11-17. And also Richard Jewell is American Celebrity.

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I believe I am entitled to a public explanation.

Tags: Entitled, Public

I felt like a hunted animal, followed constantly, waiting to be killed.

Tags: Animal, Felt, Waiting

I want my name back.

Tags: Name

I'm sure they're investigating everyone who was in the area.

Tags: Area, Everyone, Sure

It's a bomb. I've already called law enforcement. Let's get out of here.

Tags: Bomb, Here, Law

While the government can tell you that I am an innocent man, the government's letter cannot give me back my good name or my reputation.

Tags: Give, Good, Government

Banking gives you a glimpse into what makes companies succeed and what makes companies fail.

Tags: Fail, Makes, Succeed

I want to get people to connect to the outdoors.

Tags: Connect, Outdoors

If it's in people's interest to invest in renewables and invest in clean technologies, I'm convinced it will happen.

Tags: Clean, Happen, Interest

My work at R.E.I. was incredibly fulfilling and rewarding, especially the stewardship elements of it, the ability to connect young people to public lands close to home.

Tags: Home, Work, Young

When you take on something like your footprint on the environment, you have to say, 'Where am I going to draw the circle around my level of responsibility and then where do I assume that others will take responsibility?'

Tags: Assume, Level, Others
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