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Robert Williams Buchanan's Profile

Brief about Robert Williams Buchanan: By info that we know Robert Williams Buchanan was born at 1970-01-01. And also Robert Williams Buchanan is British Poet.

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Sad and sweet and wise Here a child reposes; Dust is on his eyes, Quietly he lies - Satan, strew Roses.

Tags: Eyes, Sad, Wise

I like writing code. I like building product. I like making things that people like.

Tags: Building, Making, Writing

I look to see what things I enjoy doing and just try to figure out how to spend my time doing things that I enjoy.

Tags: Enjoy, Time, Try

I think the best kind of virality is a product that people like so much that they just want to tell people about it.

Tags: Best, Product, Tell

I'm just more excited about helping new entrepreneurs create the next Facebook or Google.

Tags: Create, Excited, Next

Only my phone number and email are private because I don't want random people calling me. But I like the ability to share everything.

Tags: Ability, Number, Share

The companies that are the most influential and most successful are the ones that care about impact and the influence they have on the world.

Tags: Care, Influence, Successful

Google is about information and computers and making things really fast. Facebook is about the sharing and connections. These missions give these companies direction and motivation.

Tags: Computers, Give, Motivation

We created the 'Like' feature in FriendFeed because I realized that people wanted an easy way to let others know that they saw what their friends posted and appreciated it. Putting in those simple little gestures is very powerful.

Tags: Friends, Powerful, Simple

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