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Ronaldinho's Profile

Brief about Ronaldinho: By info that we know Ronaldinho was born at 1980-03-21. And also Ronaldinho is Brazilian Athlete.

Some Ronaldinho's quotes. Goto "Ronaldinho's quotation" section for more.

Brazil goes into every World Cup expecting to win - so when it is in Brazil it is expected even more. You can't understand what the World Cup means to our country.

Tags: Country, Understand, Win

Ashley Cole is a fantastic defender. I have seen him keep the best players in the world quiet.

Tags: Best, Him, Keep

I am passionate about music - and people think because I go to places where I can enjoy music I have to be partying. It isn't true.

Tags: Enjoy, Music, True

I come from a family where soccer has always been very present. My uncles, my father and my brother were all players.

Tags: Brother, Family, Father

If you're playing for five hours you don't want to score goals all the time and I loved dribbling. I could score a goal, but I preferred to dribble.

Tags: Goal, Loved, Time

My heroes were always soccer players.

Tags: Heroes, Players, Soccer

Paolo Maldini and John Terry are two of the toughest men I have met on the field.

Tags: John, Men, Toughest

A lot of the moves I make originate from futsal. It's played in a very small space, and the ball control is different in futsal. And to this day my ball control is pretty similar to a futsal player's control.

Tags: Control, Pretty, Small

I am what I am thanks to my mother, my father, my brother, my sister... because they have given me everything. The education I have is thanks to them.

Tags: Education, Father, Mother

I grew up in a house that was always happy, and my family was always music, music. I started playing percussion very young, because I had some uncles who were musicians and all my aunts were singers.

Tags: Family, Happy, Music

I have never imagined doing anything other than football, but now, thinking about it coldly, if I hadn't been a footballer, I would have been a musician.

Tags: Football, Musician, Thinking

I think each player has an individual style. Each is concerned with giving the best to his team, and I think my best talent is dribbling and setting up goal situations, giving an assist or deceiving one of the other team's players.

Tags: Best, Giving, Goal

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