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Rosanna Arquette's Profile

Brief about Rosanna Arquette: By info that we know Rosanna Arquette was born at 1959-08-10. And also Rosanna Arquette is American Actress.

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It's not fair the emphasis put on beauty, or on sexuality.

Tags: Beauty, Fair, Put

Criticism really used to hurt me. Most of these critics are usually frustrated artists, and they criticise other people's art because they can't do it themselves. It's a really disgusting job. They must feel horrible inside.

Tags: Art, Hurt, Job

Art is such an important part of our culture.

Tags: Art, Culture

Fortunately, we have a lot of really smart women in the business.

Tags: Business, Smart, Women

I love music and musicians. And seeing great artists dropped from labels was really frustrating and sad to me.

Tags: Great, Love, Music

In Hollywood there are a lot of very insecure men running the business.

Tags: Business, Insecure, Men

It's not fair that there aren't very many juicy or varied roles for women.

Tags: Fair, Juicy, Women

It's so hard to be a mother and to also want to practice your art.

Tags: Art, Hard, Mother

It's so hard to have relationships when there is so much scrutiny.

Tags: Hard, Scrutiny

It's so hard to keep everything balanced in life.

Tags: Hard, Keep, Life

It's unfortunate that music has become such big business.

Tags: Become, Business, Music

Look, it's to the point where kids are getting Botox. It's insane. We're not allowed to age.

Tags: Age, Getting, Kids

Most men are not that evolved.

Tags: Evolved, Men

Music used to change people's minds - and it still changes mine.

Tags: Change, Music, Used

I do resent that when you're in the most cool, powerful time of your life, which is your 40s, you're put out to pasture. I think women are so much cooler when they're older. So it's a drag that we're not allowed to age.

Tags: Age, Life, Time

I think the most important thing for an artist is to not worry about what anybody else thinks. You just have to do what comes from your heart and your being and put it out there-that's true in any of the arts.

Tags: Heart, Put, True

I was in Florida with Burt Stern, the photographer who shot Marilyn Monroe on the beach with a sweater, and we smoked a joint. The bathing suit kept coming off in the water, and I just ripped it off. I was very comfortable being naked.

Tags: Coming, Off, Water

Men want girls. Most men want little girls. They want them in film. They want to look at them. That's all they want. An evolved man is not going to look that way.

Tags: Evolved, Film, Men

There will always be some kid who's the new Kurt Cobain writing great lyrics and singing from his soul. The problem is they're not marketing that anymore or putting it out there.

Tags: Great, Soul, Writing

There's no way I'm going to put this kid in the movies, because of the rejection. It's so hard as an adult, so why set her up to feel that bad as a child?

Tags: Bad, Hard, Movies