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Sam Peckinpah's Profile

Brief about Sam Peckinpah: By info that we know Sam Peckinpah was born at 1925-02-21. And also Sam Peckinpah is American Director.

Some Sam Peckinpah's quotes. Goto "Sam Peckinpah's quotation" section for more.

Why should I give you an interview? All you journalists are plagiarists.

Tags: Give, Interview, Why

The end of a picture is always an end of a life.

Tags: End, Life, Picture

Oh, I find it very easy to fall in love.

Tags: Easy, Fall, Love

The Price Is Right can really get me going.

Tags: Price

Yeah, Dundee was great. It was a great film. I fell in love with my Mexican wife on Dundee.

Tags: Great, Love, Wife

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