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Scott Rudin's Profile

Brief about Scott Rudin: By info that we know Scott Rudin was born at 1958-07-14. And also Scott Rudin is American Producer.

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I think you have a responsibility to the people you're making movies with, and I take that very seriously. I don't want to let up and I don't want to let down.

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If you're going to spend two or three years of your life working on something, you've got to be making the kind of movie that discusses and influences the culture and is engaged in the world you're living in.

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The movies that work are the ones in which somebody very smart figured out how to take all the thematic material, all the character material, all the filigree, all the beautiful writing, and put it into a story.

Tags: Beautiful, Movies, Work

'The Social Network' was probably one of the two or three things I've done in my life that I'm most proud of. I'm not going to engage in what about it was disappointing. There's nothing about it I was disappointed in.

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