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Stuart Woods's Profile

Brief about Stuart Woods: By info that we know Stuart Woods was born at 1938-01-09. And also Stuart Woods is American Novelist.

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A first novel should be brash and ambitious, and announce the arrival of a new talent.

Tags: Ambitious, Novel, Talent

I've never really had any trouble coming up with ideas; they just grow, like weeds. The weeding is the hard part.

Tags: Hard, Ideas, Trouble

It seems to me that most people are interested in reading about characters who are richer than they are.

Tags: Interested, Reading, Seems

I'm as much my own master as anyone can be, without being the master of others. I can write anywhere - all I need is a couple of hours of solitude and a computer, and I can write a chapter. Since my work is portable, I can live anywhere I like.

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