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Thomas Gray's Profile

Brief about Thomas Gray: By info that we know Thomas Gray was born at 1970-01-01. And also Thomas Gray is English Poet.

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Where ignorance is bliss, 'Tis folly to be wise.

Tags: Bliss, Ignorance, Wise

Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.

Tags: Poetry, Thoughts, Words

Alas, regardless of their doom, the little victims play! No sense have they of ills to come, nor care beyond today.

Tags: Care, Sense, Today

And weep the more, because I weep in vain.

Tags: Vain, Weep

'Tis folly to be wise.

Tags: Folly, Tis, Wise

Commerce changes the fate and genius of nations.

Tags: Changes, Fate, Genius

He gave to misery (all he had) a tear.

Tags: Gave, Misery, Tear

I shall be but a shrimp of an author.

Tags: Author, Shall, Shrimp

If the best man's faults were written on his forehead, he would draw his hat over his eyes.

Tags: Best, Eyes, Written

The paths of glory lead but to the grave.

Tags: Glory, Grave, Lead

Too poor for a bribe, and too proud to importune, he had not the method of making a fortune.

Tags: Making, Poor, Proud

Visions of glory, spare my aching sight.

Tags: Glory, Sight, Visions

Youth smiles without any reason. It is one of its chiefest charms.

Tags: Reason, Smile, Youth