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Virginia Foxx's Profile

Brief about Virginia Foxx: By info that we know Virginia Foxx was born at 1943-06-29. And also Virginia Foxx is American Politician.

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So why in the world would anyone support the unethical, failed use of embryonic stem cells instead of the ethical, successful use of adult stem cells? Because they do not know the difference.

Tags: Successful, Support, Why

The first misconception is that embryonic stem cell research is not legal. The fact is, embryonic stem cell research is completely legal. Research on embryonic stem cells has taken place for years.

Tags: Fact, Legal, Place

This is my first term. I was told it was going to be an exciting term, and a lot of things would be done, and I cannot think about something more exciting than save Social Security.

Tags: Cannot, Done, Social

Democrats believe they can win at the ballot box by obstructing, and they would rather win the next election than move America forward.

Tags: America, Forward, Win

The American flag is the most recognized symbol of freedom and democracy in the world.

Tags: American, Democracy, Freedom

There is an abundance of misinformation, exaggeration, and blatant lies being spread by interest groups regarding the prospects for embryonic stem cell research.

Tags: Interest, Lies, Research

In the face of terrorism, a united front is one of the strongest weapons.

Tags: Face, Terrorism, United

The number of kids affected by obesity has tripled since 1980, and this can be traced in large part to lack of exercise and a healthy diet.

Tags: Diet, Kids, Since

A terrorist network that believes a nation so tested will fold under pressure of a few horrific acts may capture its attention, but will not achieve its submission.

Tags: Few, May, Nation

Adult stem cells tend not to form tumors.

Tags: Adult, Cells, Stem

America does not fight for land, glory or riches.

Tags: America, Fight, Land

China is crippling our manufacturing economy and eliminating our jobs by illegally flooding our markets.

Tags: China, Economy, Jobs

Democrat leaders are not only out of the American mainstream, but are also out of the Democratic mainstream.

Tags: American, Democratic, Leaders

I like the idea of giving workers control and putting their money into their personal accounts.

Tags: Control, Giving, Money

If we do not make tough decisions now, future Americans will have to make even tougher ones.

Tags: Decisions, Future, Tough

Liberty is not the unique right of Americans or even Westerners, but is mankind's right.

Tags: Liberty, Mankind, Unique

Obesity among young Americans is a serious problem that can have serious ramifications in the long run.

Tags: Problem, Serious, Young

One poll shows that by 61 percent to 29 percent Americans under 40 say that Social Security needs to be fixed.

Tags: Needs, Security, Social

The American people must not buy into the Democrat rhetoric.

Tags: American, Democrat, Rhetoric

The life expectancy is much longer today than it was when Social Security was created.

Tags: Life, Social, Today

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