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Bobby Riggs's Quotes

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Born: 1918-02-25
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Bobby Riggs

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Billie and I did wonders for women's tennis. They owe me a piece of their checks.

Tags: Piece, Tennis, Women

If I am to be a chauvinist pig, I want to be the number one pig.

Tags: Number, Pig

If I can't play for big money, I play for a little money. And if I can't play for a little money, I stay in bed that day.

Tags: Big, Money, Stay

We want to keep the actual Civil War experience alive.

Tags: Experience, Keep, War

Every snapshot collector has obsessions. Some only collect photos of cars. Others like World War II, or babies, or old-timey girls in old-timey swimsuits. I happen to collect the weird stuff: photos that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up a little. The uncanny.

Tags: Happen, Others, War

I have an unusual hobby: I collect pictures of people I don't know. It started when I was a kid growing up in South Florida, the land of junk stores, garage sales, and flea markets, as a kind of coping mechanism.

Tags: Growing, Pictures, Started

You find a lot of junk when you're searching through lost and tossed photo ephemera, but every so often you'll find a gem, a wallet-sized masterpiece you're certain could hang on the wall of a gallery if only someone with a name had taken it. Find one or two of those and you're hooked for life.

Tags: Life, Lost, Someone
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Bobby Riggs's quote #3
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