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Brody Jenner's Quotes

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Born: 1983-08-21
Profession: Celebrity
Nation: American
Biography of Brody Jenner

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A lot of times, I'm traveling or have appointments, so I don't get to work out every day, but I try to get to the gym as much as I can.

Tags: Times, Try, Work

All I care about, to be honest, is surfing. I love surfing more than anything. To me, there's nothing like that.

Tags: Care, Honest, Love

Canadians are the best, they're the best.

Tags: Best, Canadians

Everyone thinks something like 'The Hills' just falls into your lap. It's not true. You have to work for everything.

Tags: Everyone, True, Work

For girls, something that accentuates the curves looks sexy. It can be a dress, it can be jeans, it can be a tank top, who cares!

Tags: Looks, Sexy, Top

I dropped out of college when I was 18 to be in a band.

Tags: Band, College, Dropped

I love American muscle cars. It's my thing.

Tags: American, Cars, Love

I never wanted to rely on my family for money.

Tags: Family, Money, Wanted

If I'm in Malibu driving up and down Pacific Coast Highway, my '68 Dodge Charger usually is what I like to drive.

Tags: Drive, Driving, Highway

It's a lot easier to find a friend on television than love.

Tags: Friend, Love, Television

Once I'm satisfied and I've made enough money where I can afford to live in Malibu, because it's very expensive, I will definitely be back there.

Tags: Enough, Money, Once

So many girls and guys want to find a girlfriend and settle down. But it's fun to be single.

Tags: Fun, Girlfriend, Single

There's a level of protection you need to give to your kids, and then sometimes you need to just let them figure out things on their own.

Tags: Give, Kids, Sometimes

Watching a company develop is like watching a puppy grow. When you can watch something grow that you created - it's really an amazing feeling.

Tags: Amazing, Company, Feeling

Australians aren't really that crazy; in L.A. you get a little crazier. From my experience at least, Aussies don't really care that much about celebrities or things like that.

Tags: Care, Crazy, Experience

I became super claustrophobic with Hollywood. I don't like Hollywood. I don't like what it represents. I think that Hollywood is great if you're an actor, actress, established. But for reality people or what people perceive as reality, it's tough. People are constantly discrediting everything you put on camera.

Tags: Great, Reality, Tough

I've always been a person that's totally comfortable with my sexuality and showing my affections with my guy friends. At the end of the day, your guy friends are very important; they're the guys that are always going to be there. It's just you being a friend to me and I'm being a friend to you.

Tags: End, Friend, Friends

If a guy's talking to you at a club and you're having a long conversation, and then one of your friends comes up and he automatically devotes his attention to her, that's always a sign to look for. They're not always just doing it 'cause they're being 'friendly.' They want to look for somebody new.

Tags: Friendly, Friends, Her

My heart really lies in my jewelry line, Archangel. I have really enjoyed watching the company go from nothing and slowly building it year by year, and getting into one store, then another store. And then I'll see someone wearing a piece of it on the streets, and it's all very exciting.

Tags: Another, Heart, Someone

My mother is the most incredible woman on this entire Earth, and she's so giving and loving and sweet and she always raised me how to forgive and forget and move on. She's the catalyst behind it all, my mom is. And I'm 100% a momma's boy!

Tags: Forget, Mom, Mother
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