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Bruce Davison's Quotes

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Born: 1946-06-28
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Bruce Davison

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A good actor is somebody who can be truthful and fascinating and interesting and enlightening.

Tags: Actor, Good, Somebody

Actors, lots of times, are great when they have great parts. For me, a lot of times, it's been the part.

Tags: Great, Lots, Times

Hollywood could use less instead of more of everything.

Tags: Hollywood, Instead, Less

I hate to date myself, but my earliest memories are Flash Gordon. I would love playing Flash Gordon in the neighborhood.

Tags: Hate, Love, Playing

I spent my whole life figuring out how to get out of work. I would say I was intelligent, but intelligent in a very surreptitious, invisible way.

Tags: Life, Whole, Work

I'm over there filming in South Africa now, and two in five are HIV-positive now. Not many people know that.

Tags: Africa, Five, South

You have cocktails for 250,000 people when millions upon millions are sick.

Tags: Cocktails, Millions, Sick

I think tolerance is something everybody needs to be reminded of, especially in a reactionary political world. Well, actually, I should say, a reactionary political climate.

Tags: Everybody, Political, Tolerance

I was always a visual person. I could see things visually. I had a harder time with numbers and logic, and I always had more of an artistic sensibility. So that I could do. And it was something that I really loved.

Tags: Logic, Loved, Time

It was quite a ride and very conflicting for me, too - to be nominated for an Oscar, to be straight and healthy, and to be getting all these accolades while these people around me were suffering and dying from AIDS.

Tags: Getting, Suffering, While

That's always something that's really important for an actor - to find an opportunity to do a scene where there is a moment like that, where you manage to connect with everyone.

Tags: Actor, Everyone, Moment

Well, I always try to look at my characters as being better than I am. That's one of the reasons I guess I became an actor - because you get to create a persona that's bigger or better or more interesting than your own.

Tags: Actor, Create, Try

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