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Bruce Nash's Quotes

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Born: 1947-08-14
Profession: Producer
Nation: American
Biography of Bruce Nash

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A lot of reality shows tend to harp on the negative. The person isn't pretty enough or can't sing well enough or maybe isn't even funny enough.

Tags: Enough, Funny, Reality

I want to entertain people, whether it be with a comedy, a drama or a movie. An idea's an idea.

Tags: Comedy, Idea, Whether

I'm trying to tell a story, to entertain. I try and do something that might just take people's minds off their troubles.

Tags: Tell, Try, Trying

It is a different breed of person who wants to be on a reality-TV show.

Tags: Breed, Show, Wants

It's very difficult to get your ideas to Hollywood if you're the average Joe or Jane. An agent wouldn't bother with you.

Tags: Difficult, Hollywood, Ideas

I think there is a danger there of being mean to people and humiliating people and embarrassing people just because it might get you ratings. It is a disturbing trend.

Tags: Danger, Mean, Might

People are tired of just watching their TV set passively. They are playing interactive games today. They are on the Internet interacting. They want to be part of their TV set.

Tags: Playing, Tired, Today

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Bruce Nash's quote #3
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