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Bugs Quotes

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The age thing really bugs me. Do people have more of a right to not like what I say because I'm 19?

Tags: Age  ✍ Author: Fiona Apple

He wasn't Bugs without the gags we gave him.

Tags: Gave, Him  ✍ Author: Tex Avery

Bugs have always loved me.

Tags: Loved  ✍ Author: Jon Bernthal

Yet we still see continuous reports of bugs.

Tags: Continuous, Reports  ✍ Author: Vinton Cerf

Richard doesn't really like me to kill bugs, but sometimes I can't help it.

Tags: Help, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Cindy Crawford

I have come to know Bugs so well that I no longer have to think about what he is doing in any situation.

Tags: Longer, Situation  ✍ Author: Chuck Jones

I have to think as Bugs Bunny, not of Bugs Bunny.

Tags: Bunny  ✍ Author: Chuck Jones

It's a beautiful tale, and today is a beautiful day without any bugs.

Tags: Beautiful, Today  ✍ Author: Hugo Pratt

When birds burp, it must taste like bugs.

Tags: Birds, Taste  ✍ Author: Bill Watterson

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Bugs quote #4
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