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Chad Hugo's Quotes

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Born: 1974-02-24
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Chad Hugo

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I just always considered myself to be different and able to explore whatever I wanted.

Tags: Able, Wanted, Whatever

So I think it's better to say something than not to say anything at all, even to an ignorant person.

Tags: Ignorant

I grew up around hip-hop so I didn't think it was about being cool or being black or being white or whatever.

Tags: Black, Cool, Whatever

You've come to me now at this point in time, when The Neptunes are just now getting our light.

Tags: Getting, Light, Time

For me, I'm just trying to be the best at what I do. I'll wave an Asian American flag if I get that opportunity. I'm not hiding or trying to discredit my background or anything, I just haven't had the opportunity.

Tags: American, Best, Trying

Groups like The Mountain Brothers just have to keep on doing what they're doing - just make it dope and just make it different. And not try to compete with other people of color.

Tags: Color, Keep, Try

I played saxophone, so I was into jazz. I learned from each audience and each teacher that I had. I can't really tell you any rules or anything, but the way I develop my beliefs is really just by personally learning from different situations.

Tags: Learned, Learning, Teacher

I'm not trying to disrespect anybody by saying this - I'm not sure I feel any interaction with Asian America in any collective sense. - It's like, when you're telling me this right now, my reaction is, Really? Asian America knows about me?

Tags: America, Saying, Trying

When I made it, I still didn't wave the flag and say, Yeah go Asian people. I do want people to know that about me, but I always felt like at least musically, let me just do what I do and be the best at it. Which is what I'm doing right now.

Tags: Best, Felt, Yeah
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Chad Hugo's quote #4
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