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Charlotte Ross's Quotes

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Born: 1968-01-21
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Charlotte Ross

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Mammograms are really sort of a gift. You can either catch something early or count your lucky stars because nothing was discovered. Either way, you're ahead of the game.

Tags: Game, Medical, Stars

I would assume most people hate my character. But I'm hoping that I'm the character you love to hate.

Tags: Character, Hate, Love

This show has shown me how to throw a punch. But watching my future sister-in-law go through breast cancer has also shown me how to take one.

Tags: Cancer, Future, Show

What woman wants a camera following around her naked butt?

Tags: Her, Wants, Woman

I've been doing TV for fourteen years, and I've always had a fascination with the political business side. It's ruled my life. Ratings or no ratings have decided where I live, who I work with, and how long I'll be doing that particular job.

Tags: Business, Life, Work

I've never played a character where I've had so much fun on the physical end. I don't want to say I like it too much but it's fun having a gun on you and getting to manhandle men.

Tags: Character, Fun, Men

The thought of playing a New York detective scared the hell out of me. I didn't know if people would believe me in the role just because of my physicality, which made me want to do it even more.

Tags: Hell, Playing, Thought

This is my sixth series, and I'm burned out wondering if a show is going to change my life. Don't get me wrong, I love when people recognize my work. But I've given up worrying about whether it'll be seen by two people or two million or 22 million.

Tags: Change, Life, Love
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