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Chris Cuomo's Quotes

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Born: 1970-08-09
Profession: Journalist
Nation: American
Biography of Chris Cuomo

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You can't just talk politics all the time - it's boring.

Tags: Boring, Politics, Time

I believe that 'advocacy journalism' is not an oxymoron. If that means that I'm going to disrupt the cable, partisan fracas of obsession over what this means from left and right, then so be it. I will be disruptive of it.

Tags: Left, Means, Obsession

I was never looking to be popular. The trade-off for me in seeking other people's opinions is the potential to help that you get in the media. And we don't always do that, but when we do, it's a beautiful thing.

Tags: Beautiful, Help, Looking

We in the network world are used to having time constraints and saying only what you have already thought through 150 times, because you don't have that much expansive opportunity.

Tags: Saying, Thought, Time

You wake up in the morning; what do you want to know? You want to know what happened overnight. You want to know if you're safe. You want to know if you're family's safe.

Tags: Family, Happened, Morning
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Chris Cuomo's quote #2
Chris Cuomo's quote #2
Chris Cuomo's quote #2
Chris Cuomo's quote #2
Chris Cuomo's quote #2
Chris Cuomo's quote #2
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