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Cube Quotes

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I got Ice Cube his start. I also launched Eazy-E.

Tags: Ice, Start  ✍ Author: Dr. Dre

We turn the Cube and it twists us.

Tags: Turn, Twists  ✍ Author: Erno Rubik

I did not plan to make the Cube.

Tags: Plan  ✍ Author: Erno Rubik

Now, after the Cube, I still don't have any plans to make anything like it.

Tags: After, Plans  ✍ Author: Erno Rubik

The Cube is an imitation of life itself - or even an improvement on life.

Tags: Imitation, Life  ✍ Author: Erno Rubik

Yes, but with the Cube there are many flashes, there are many aha's.

Tags: Flashes, Yes  ✍ Author: Erno Rubik

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