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Darrell Hammond's Quotes

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Born: 1955-10-08
Profession: Comedian
Nation: American
Biography of Darrell Hammond

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When I left my parents' home when I was 19, I went to the University of Florida, and within 24 hours was in the mental health department. And within 20 minutes, I was being told by the director there that they didn't have what I needed there.

Tags: Health, Home, Parents

I think I wanted to write a book about the relationship between the victim and perpetrator in which the victim agrees to remain silent.

Tags: Between, Book, Wanted

If you're injured, it changes the way you move. If you're injured, it changes the way you talk.

Tags: Changes, Move, Talk

College kids, don't be taking examples from me.

Tags: College, Kids, Taking

Doctors didn't know what to do with me.

Tags: Doctors

Everyone always told me that I had the symptoms of a P.O.W.

Tags: Everyone, Symptoms

I belong to the Democratic Party.

Tags: Belong, Democratic, Party

I don't know if I want to be a big star though.

Tags: Big, Star, Though

I had a dad you know.

Tags: Dad

I have to give the SNL crew props - it cannot have been easy to work with me.

Tags: Cannot, Give, Work

I perform in the major leagues of what I do. It's incredible.

Tags: Incredible, Leagues, Major

I was diagnosed with everything from schizophrenia to multiple personality disorder.

Tags: Diagnosed, Disorder, Multiple

I was never in a mental institution for a long time. I was in psych wards.

Tags: Mental, Time

I'll get to make a lot of money and do some bad sitcoms.

Tags: Bad, Money, Sitcoms

I'm not a doctor - so I can't describe flashbacks well - but it is like you're living it again.

Tags: Again, Doctor, Living

I'm not sure how a world leader reacts to the work of a clown.

Tags: Leader, Sure, Work

I've learned sometimes you just have to take the bad from people.

Tags: Bad, Learned, Sometimes

I've seen the hell these people go through.

Tags: Hell, Seen

If I can get a sanitized version of reality, I'll take it.

Tags: Reality, Version

It's tough to play the right chord on the instrument when there's someone out there who wants to kill you.

Tags: Someone, Tough, Wants

Performing with anthrax in the building is not nearly as difficult as performing in a home where you might get stabbed at night.

Tags: Difficult, Home, Night

Some of the funniest people I know are not screwed up in the head.

Tags: Funniest, Head, Screwed

The danger with running for president is sooner or later some sound bite is going hit.

Tags: Danger, President, Sound
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I called my mother up and I said, 'You know, I've been to the best doctors in the world and I've spent almost half a million dollars and they're telling me I have symptoms of a P.O.W. and all I did was grow up in your home.'

Tags: Best, Home, Mother

I ran into an extraordinary doctor. He got up inside my head and figured out how my brain processed things, what my core values were, what my inner dialogue was.

Tags: Brain, Head, Values

I've become fascinated by the idea that it's really achievable to make two or three small improvements in a week and by the end of the year, it's 150 improvements.

Tags: Become, End, Small

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Tags: Against, Shall, Weapon
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