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Dave Gahan's Quotes

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Born: 1962-05-09
Profession: Musician
Nation: English
Biography of Dave Gahan

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I do use texting as a great way to communicate quickly, but I don't Twitter or anything.

Tags: Great, Quickly, Twitter

I go to a very visual place when I'm singing. It's very cinematic and I get this feeling of space. I love when music does that.

Tags: Feeling, Love, Music

I still hold on to the idea that a record can really change the way I feel.

Tags: Change, Hold, Idea

Certain songs like 'Enjoy the Silence' - to me, it always fits anywhere. There's something about that song that's really timeless, and I never get bored or feel like I have to muster something up.

Tags: Bored, Enjoy, Silence

I have to feel the audience. I enjoy that feeling of community. There's something sort of spiritual about it in a lot of ways. It's like we're all doing this together.

Tags: Feeling, Spiritual, Together

L.A. is always great. There's something special about L.A. And New York, for me, because it's home. There's nothing quite like walking onstage at Madison Square Garden.

Tags: Great, Home, Special

Making a record with 'Depeche Mode' is not a simple process. It's quite complicated and long. We have the luxury of time. I'm not sure that's such a good thing when you're being creative.

Tags: Good, Simple, Time

'Presence of God' is really that understanding that sometimes when you step out of your own shoes and just open your ears and listen to what's going on around you, you get answers to the questions you were asking.

Tags: God, Shoes, Sometimes

The possibilities are endless now, with performing, getting your music online, getting your own website and getting your music out there. I think that's very cool and amazing.

Tags: Amazing, Cool, Music
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Dave Gahan's quote #4
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