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And I think detente had manifestly failed, and that the pursuit of it was encouraging Soviet expansion and rendering the world more dangerous, and especially rendering the Western world in greater peril.

Tags: Dangerous, Failed, Greater  ✍ Author: Jeane Kirkpatrick

I believe that detente was having almost the opposite effect of what was intended. What was intended was to sort of end the contest for power and to stop Soviet expansion, especially by military means and the military build-up, the military contest.

Tags: End, Means, Power  ✍ Author: Jeane Kirkpatrick

In the years just before... during the Carter years, the Soviets regularly violated, if you will, both the spirit and theletter of arms control agreements, I think, that they had negotiated during the period of detente.

Tags: Both, Control, Spirit  ✍ Author: Jeane Kirkpatrick

I don't know why you use a fancy French word like detente when there's a good English phrase for it - cold war.

Tags: Good, War, Why  ✍ Author: Golda Meir

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