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I watched Ricki Lake's documentary, 'The Business of Being Born,' and that led me to call a midwife, and not an ob-gyn, when I found out I had conceived. My delivery was not easy - they call it 'labor,' not 'a vacation!' - but I was incredibly grateful that I did it that way.

Tags: Business, Easy, Grateful  ✍ Author: Sarah Wayne Callies

The power and appeal of Documentary is the way it alters and plays with the way the viewer relates to and understands the subject.

Tags: Appeal, Power, Subject  ✍ Author: Anthony Edwards

This is indeed not only relevant to Documentary but is evident is most type of film making. The film often mirrors the experience, understanding and politics of the director.

Tags: Experience, Often, Politics  ✍ Author: Anthony Edwards

I want to communicate through my music. If you want to know Geri Halliwell listen to my album: it tells you more about me than a documentary ever could.

Tags: Album, Listen, Music  ✍ Author: Geri Halliwell

The key fact missed most often by social scientists utilizing documentary films for data, is this: documentary films are not found or reported things; they're made things.

Tags: Fact, Often, Social  ✍ Author: Brandon T. Jackson

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